Greenscreen Studio Amsterdam.

Audiovisual production space in Amsterdam to rent for photography and/or video productions. With make-up room and the option to have lunch with your crew, equipment rentals etc.


- The size of the green/white screen on a role is 3.6 x 2.75 m (w x x h). Sound dampened walls and ceilings. The studio lights for the greenscreen are included: 4 x 125W TL daylight, 2 x soft box 4 x 80W TL daylight, 2 x soft box 4 x 70W TL daylight.


Base price is € 300,- per day. All prices are excluding 21% VAT.

For weekends or evenings, there is a sur-charge of 30% extra.

Renting the studio comes standard with most of the following and more;

Studio equipment such as clamps, tripods for lights. Fresh piece of green or white paper. Free coffee / tea. Make-up room. Free car parking. Storage. Friendly staff showing you around.

Rent our studio for a short period or a longer one, up to one month. Get yourself informed on the possibilities and catch up with us.

Audiovisual production space in Amsterdam to rent for photography and/or video productions.


Customise your booking with additional catering services, a lighting package and/or extra freelance photographer/videographer, make-up profesionals and much more.

Available extra's:

Catering. Light pack. Cameras (Dslr, HDV, UHDV). Camera operator. Assistance. Photographer. Sound equipment. Make-up artist. Models and actors. Soundguys. Audio production studio. Camara operator. Voice recording studio. Edit studio. Long term storage.

Ask for info! Email to or call +31 (0)20 528 6127.

Get in touch with us to have your studio time and date set and have yourself informed on all the facilities and services we offer at Greenscreen Studio Amsterdam


We are located next to the intersection of the highways A9/A2 in the South-East of Amsterdam next to the Arena stadium. We have parking space available and acces to temporary storage for carts, bags and other stuff you don’t need for the moment. Doors are bigger than normal to provide easy acces for pallet trollys and carts.

Our adres is at Keienbergweg 97, 1101 GG in Amsterdam.


Feel free to contact IN Casting at; or call him up at +31 (0)20 528 6127 mondays to fridays from 0900-1700 to have yourself informed on all the options and dates!


Call Chip at +31 (0)20 20 44 533 or leave a message


Keienbergweg 97, 1101GG Amsterdam


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Extra info.

Missing out on something? We rent out lights, camara's and misclescanious! Call +31 20 528 6127 or leave a message!